Twenty Year Old Woman Starts Her Own Comic Convention

I am working with a young woman, aged 20, who used her own money to start a comic convention here in Kent, WA.  At her tender age she is already the author of a trilogy of fantasy books which she self-published while going to college.  She tirelessly advertised to attract vendors, and she brought some very talented people into this convention.  I am truly amazed at how carefully she planned each detail.

On this eve of KentCon, I cannot wait to see how she pulls this off.  I am not just sitting back and watching this event, I am also fully involved as a volunteer.  I am also an author and I will be sitting at the table selling her books, my husband’s books, and of course, my books.  I will also be doing a reading of my books and possibly some other authors gathered there as a type of preview to the book.

The Monday following KentCon, she will be jetting off to Switzerland, and may even write a travel blog about what she encounters there during her travels. This young lady also happens to be my daughter.


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