Back to Writing Again

After I completed my memoir, I found myself in nursing school which was so busy that I hardly had time to eat and sleep, but right now I have time to once again start writing.

This time I wanted to begin writing a story that involved science fiction.  I really like science fiction, and I began writing a story about a working class woman who has nothing left to lose.  She is chosen from a lottery, and she begins training to go on a journey into outer space.  It is a one way trip to a supposedly habitable planet.

My theme here is a middle age woman dealing with nihilism, and I may change the character from a working class individual to a scientist.  It is difficult for me to write about science involving space, because I do not know so much about the subject, however.  It would be difficult to to believe that a working class woman would know how to deal with nihilism.  It would also be difficult to believe that a woman working in retail would have any desire whatsoever to go out into space, but there you have it.  This is my struggle right now as I peck away at my new science fiction story.


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