The New York Primary Fiasco

Normally, I would not talk about politics in my writer’s blog, but often politics and the environment that we live in impacts our writing in so many ways.  I was disappointed to see so many young people turned away from voting in the New York State primary.  Many people talk about a closed primary, and only party cronies can participate, but that is not right.  Only two parties ever get elected due to our very corrupt system.  They have to work through one party or another.  If you screen out people who normally hate the disgusting system, then you have cleared out all the people who would vote for real change.

Lately in the primaries we have seen strict I.D. laws that prevent people from voting, voters who were purged, voters who registered as Democrat and their registration was flipped.  This is just unreal. I would expect that in a progressive state that people would have the right to vote, but I can see that many states especially the further one moves to the East are not progressive at all.  They seem to get more and more crooked.  I am astonished that in this day and age that young people, and disenfranchised people (people who list themselves as 3rd party) cannot vote.  We do truly need a 3rd party to wipe this system clean. One that can actually get on the ballot and participate in the national debates.

Just to contrast how we do it in Washington State.  A young man registered to vote right then and there, caucused for Bernie, and then became a delegate on the same day. I have to say I think New York’s voting restrictions are worse than Wisconsin’s.

I have been a Bernie Sanders fan, but I just cannot see how he will win in the East where crony politics appears to be rampant.  I think Berners probably need to throw their energy behind a progressive 3rd party candidate like the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein.

I am currently writing a stream of consciousness novel, and this whole debacle has given me more fuel for my novel that involves a dystopia in the future.