A Wind from the Western Asylum

A quiet wind from a time

Deep in history

Before technology,

Before climate change

Before the the pressures and anxiety

of modern day life

Primitive wind, Archaic wind

Blew lightly.


Against the faces who stared

Back through their fog

of delusion.


The soft light glanced against

ancient trees.

The simple yellow light laughed

From deep in the past playfully.


The light’s rays danced on

the faces of those who

could not see the razor sharp

reality of life.


Staring at the light glowing

dancing, reflecting

a time when Earth rejoiced


I stood at a paradoxically

peaceful, delightful

the whimsical light and gentle

breeze at an ancient

crossroads with faces whose minds

have long disappeared.

March 10, 2017 5:00pm


As I watch all the protests unfold from the shootings of African-American men by COP all over the country,  I am inclined to agree that the police have become militarized.  They have lost the art of communicating without a gun, without violence words, or without a menacing look.  I suggested that they take some lessons from people who deal with vulnerable all the time without violence.  On the other hand, I have heard some things from protesters and I have seen some of the things they have done, and I want to cringe.

I do not agree with Louis Farrakhan that god is hateful.  I don’t think there is a god, and I think the Bible is antiquated and should be disregarded.  We should not be emulating the lives of those people who lived thousands of years ago.  Many of them were barely literate and they had a brutish culture.  That is another topic, however. At the same time I do not believe the conservatives who fail to point out that African-Americans should be afforded the right to own a gun like White people do.  I don’t think police are always right like the right wing individuals think.  I personally do not like guns or violence at all, but if one can have a gun, then the other should as well.

I think the actions of violence in word and deed undermine what you want to accomplish.  If you want to stop random violence from COPs, don’t be violent.  If you do not want people to generalize about you, don’t generalize about them.  In other words, when you think all COPs are like the one that killed the African-American men in Louisiana and Minnesota, you would be wrong. When they think all African-American men are criminals and dangerous, they would be wrong as well.

The problems we face today seem to come from the militarization of our culture.  We have been occupiers of other countries since World War II.  We have been bombing people in other countries without declaring war, and we have been assassinating individuals with drones while disregarding the sovereignty of the nation, disregarding the right to trial and to have evidence of guilt presented.  We have come to accept assassination, endless war, and occupation of other countries as a way of life.  We have failed to see how the Constitution has been eroded away right in front of us.

The New York Primary Fiasco

Normally, I would not talk about politics in my writer’s blog, but often politics and the environment that we live in impacts our writing in so many ways.  I was disappointed to see so many young people turned away from voting in the New York State primary.  Many people talk about a closed primary, and only party cronies can participate, but that is not right.  Only two parties ever get elected due to our very corrupt system.  They have to work through one party or another.  If you screen out people who normally hate the disgusting system, then you have cleared out all the people who would vote for real change.

Lately in the primaries we have seen strict I.D. laws that prevent people from voting, voters who were purged, voters who registered as Democrat and their registration was flipped.  This is just unreal. I would expect that in a progressive state that people would have the right to vote, but I can see that many states especially the further one moves to the East are not progressive at all.  They seem to get more and more crooked.  I am astonished that in this day and age that young people, and disenfranchised people (people who list themselves as 3rd party) cannot vote.  We do truly need a 3rd party to wipe this system clean. One that can actually get on the ballot and participate in the national debates.

Just to contrast how we do it in Washington State.  A young man registered to vote right then and there, caucused for Bernie, and then became a delegate on the same day. I have to say I think New York’s voting restrictions are worse than Wisconsin’s.

I have been a Bernie Sanders fan, but I just cannot see how he will win in the East where crony politics appears to be rampant.  I think Berners probably need to throw their energy behind a progressive 3rd party candidate like the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein.

I am currently writing a stream of consciousness novel, and this whole debacle has given me more fuel for my novel that involves a dystopia in the future.

Criticized for Being “Classist”

In one of the book reviews for my book someone complained that I was classist in writing about my experiences at a big box store during the economic downturn.  I am not a classist and I am going to explain why that is. While it is true that I had trouble fitting in there at the big box store, and I struggled to hide my education so that I could get a job.  I was also observing people as this is part of my training as a counselor/psychologist. I often ask myself why people make the decisions they do, and I especially want to know why people make decisions that are not beneficial.

My time in the big box store did highlight one thing in particular and that is that there is a great educational divide in this country that has failed a great number of people.   When I was an English teacher one of my goals was to help my students negotiate decision-making.  I wanted them to learn how to be critical thinkers–not just so that they could understand Shakespeare, but because I wanted them to be able to make better decision about their own lives.  Before I go any further, I would like to point out that I am well aware that the economy is rigged against the middle to lower classes of people.  As a psychologist, however, I want to see what types of decisions people make under stress.  What types of decisions did I make? How could I have negotiated that situation better? What types of decisions were being made around me that could have been better, more beneficial?

That being said I did use satire to make a point.  The point was that the economy stripped away all advantages that education had and left me swimming for my life.  Am I classist for noticing that many people made decisions that worsened their situations?  Am I classist to point out that I was more flexible in my thinking?  Did education help me in that endeavor?

As we go forward in the election, we can again see people who vote against their own best interests.  Why do they do that?  I think it is worth studying and trying to understand what happens there.

I renamed my book “Tales of Damn Cheapmart,” because I think it expresses the theme a bit better.  It was republished under the new name at Lulu.com, and at Amazon’s kindle store.




Back to Writing Again

After I completed my memoir, I found myself in nursing school which was so busy that I hardly had time to eat and sleep, but right now I have time to once again start writing.

This time I wanted to begin writing a story that involved science fiction.  I really like science fiction, and I began writing a story about a working class woman who has nothing left to lose.  She is chosen from a lottery, and she begins training to go on a journey into outer space.  It is a one way trip to a supposedly habitable planet.

My theme here is a middle age woman dealing with nihilism, and I may change the character from a working class individual to a scientist.  It is difficult for me to write about science involving space, because I do not know so much about the subject, however.  It would be difficult to to believe that a working class woman would know how to deal with nihilism.  It would also be difficult to believe that a woman working in retail would have any desire whatsoever to go out into space, but there you have it.  This is my struggle right now as I peck away at my new science fiction story.

Beginning My New Life as a Nurse

I finally entered nursing school on June 15th at Pacific Lutheran University.  This summer is very intense, and often very difficult considering the load of studies that we take on.  So far Pathophysiology has been almost an insurmountable mountain to climb, but I just took my exam and I realize that it is not insurmountable.

I am 52 years old in a graduate program where the average person is about 26 years old. I am struggling, but I believe that I have finally made a step in the right direction.  My only regret is I am sorry that it took me so long to make this decision.

Twenty Year Old Woman Starts Her Own Comic Convention

I am working with a young woman, aged 20, who used her own money to start a comic convention here in Kent, WA.  At her tender age she is already the author of a trilogy of fantasy books which she self-published while going to college.  She tirelessly advertised to attract vendors, and she brought some very talented people into this convention.  I am truly amazed at how carefully she planned each detail.

On this eve of KentCon, I cannot wait to see how she pulls this off.  I am not just sitting back and watching this event, I am also fully involved as a volunteer.  I am also an author and I will be sitting at the table selling her books, my husband’s books, and of course, my books.  I will also be doing a reading of my books and possibly some other authors gathered there as a type of preview to the book.

The Monday following KentCon, she will be jetting off to Switzerland, and may even write a travel blog about what she encounters there during her travels. This young lady also happens to be my daughter.