As I watch all the protests unfold from the shootings of African-American men by COP all over the country,  I am inclined to agree that the police have become militarized.  They have lost the art of communicating without a gun, without violence words, or without a menacing look.  I suggested that they take some lessons from people who deal with vulnerable all the time without violence.  On the other hand, I have heard some things from protesters and I have seen some of the things they have done, and I want to cringe.

I do not agree with Louis Farrakhan that god is hateful.  I don’t think there is a god, and I think the Bible is antiquated and should be disregarded.  We should not be emulating the lives of those people who lived thousands of years ago.  Many of them were barely literate and they had a brutish culture.  That is another topic, however. At the same time I do not believe the conservatives who fail to point out that African-Americans should be afforded the right to own a gun like White people do.  I don’t think police are always right like the right wing individuals think.  I personally do not like guns or violence at all, but if one can have a gun, then the other should as well.

I think the actions of violence in word and deed undermine what you want to accomplish.  If you want to stop random violence from COPs, don’t be violent.  If you do not want people to generalize about you, don’t generalize about them.  In other words, when you think all COPs are like the one that killed the African-American men in Louisiana and Minnesota, you would be wrong. When they think all African-American men are criminals and dangerous, they would be wrong as well.

The problems we face today seem to come from the militarization of our culture.  We have been occupiers of other countries since World War II.  We have been bombing people in other countries without declaring war, and we have been assassinating individuals with drones while disregarding the sovereignty of the nation, disregarding the right to trial and to have evidence of guilt presented.  We have come to accept assassination, endless war, and occupation of other countries as a way of life.  We have failed to see how the Constitution has been eroded away right in front of us.